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NALDAC is a Full Service Establishment

NALDAC can make bring your lawn care and landscaping visions to life. We work diligently to make sure that all customers have an amazing experience throughout the entire process and are satisfied with their results every time. No matter the size of the area, we can make any space beautiful and functional.

Farmers Landscaping

Do you have a home improvement project in mind?
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NALDAC's Design/Build delivery creates a single point of contact under one roof which streamlines the building process, minimizes risks for owners, and delivers value engineering solutions that lead to cost savings and speedier delivery times for owners.


NALDAC is a full-service landscaping company in Alabama, serving residential and commercial clients throughout the surrounding areas. 
Mowing and Trimming is just part of what we do! 

Construction Services

We specialize in new construction projects and are widely regarded as a first-class vendor partner by our many Marshall and Madison County clients. From the start of the project, and especially through the turnover, our team operates in unison, ensuring your project is perfect down to the finest detail.

Sod Installation 

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Landscape Installation 

From existing landscape maintenance to new landscape construction, our capable staff is ready to undertake projects of all kinds. Let us help you bring your vision to life—reach out today to schedule a design consultation and get started.

Landscape Maintenance 

In the past, it was normal to contract with many companies to get the landscape you wanted. Not everyone offered design, installation, and maintenance under one roof. But now, you can enjoy convenient access to all those services and more. Just team up with Farmers Landscaping—we offer a variety of essential landscaping services, including hardscape construction and refurbishment.

Dirt Work ​

Our excavating services are among the best. We take each job very seriously. After we've addressed the basic needs with our client, we begin work as soon as possible.

Excavating Services include;

Finish Grading & Rough Grading
Fix Yard Drainage Problems
Install Yard Drains
Swales & Ditches
Yard Leveling
Prepare Ground For Seed & Straw
Smooth Rough & Bumpy Ground
Leveling Ground For Above Ground Pool
Seed & Strawing
Remove Asphalt or Concrete
Miscellaneous Bobcat Work

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